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Interview with Dr. Robert Fulford D.O.

In March, 1996 I spent several days interviewing Doctor Robert Fulford about his life and work. I had known him for close to ten years at this point. When I was a student in osteopathic medical school ( Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine) I first encountered Dr. Fulford at an osteopathic gathering. From the outset he was unfailingly courteous and generous with me. Over the years he became both a mentor and close friend. We would often speak over the phone as well as at courses and osteopathic meetings.

Early on we agreed to work on a book together with me interviewing and writing a synopsis of his life and work. Though the book never materialized I did spend time meeting with him and recording his thoughts.

The last time we met was in the Spring of 1996. I flew out to Columbus, Ohio and drove 2.5 hours down to Waverly, a one traffic light town. This was where Doctor Fulford spent the last few years of his life. He lived in a retirement community in a small, simply appointed home. He had an old osteopathic treatment table set up in the living room. We traded treatments and spoke for several days. I recorded whatever I could on five 90 minute audio tapes.

A year later Doctor Fulford died. The following year, 1998, the American Academy of Osteopathy held its annual convocation in St. Louis, Mo. A small portion of the program was devoted to the work and philosophy of Dr. Robert Fulford. I was privileged to be one of the presenters.

Why put out these tapes/ CD's ?

Even before Doctor Fulford died in 1997 I realized that our final conversation was unique. In a sense it was a distillation of much of what he had taught and believed. We were close friends. I knew what questions to ask. He trusted me enough to attempt to provide straightforward answers.

I questioned him about everything I could think of including things which others considered somewhat controversial. At one point he got upset with the probing nature of some of my questions and asked me to leave. I returned the next morning and we continued on. There was a tacit understanding that since he wasn't going to be around much longer we needed to get answers to as many of the questions as possible for the use of future generations and honest preservation of his work. I backed off from some of the personal probing and he continued to speak with me. We parted on very good terms. After that we spoke on the phone a few times where he continued to share his thoughts. He expressed to me more than once that he strongly believed that his contribution to healing and osteopathy was important and original. I know from my personal experience that this is the case.

As colleagues and friends learned that I had these tapes many of them told me that they would like to obtain a set. Accordingly, I have decided to provide the discussions in slightly edited form . The idea is that they will be available in both the original audio tape format as well as in CD format. They will be modestly priced so that all who may wish them will have access. This is also being done to discourage illegal reproduction. Since this is a very low budget operation even a small number of people illegally reproducing the material will make it hard to recover our expenses and continue to provide such materials.

How do I get the tapes/CD's?

Contact me and leave a way to reach you. Provide your name, address, e mail ( if you have one), telephone, in short, anything that will help me get back to you. When things are more solidified we will be in touch with all the details (pricing, etc.).

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