The Bible of Bee Venom Therapy

It's almost unheard of in the 1990's to take a medical text written over sixty years ago and reissue it. Why has the present work been reissued after so long? Dr. Beck's book, as the reader will soon discover, is no ordinary medical text. It was issued in 1935 by a prestigious New York publisher, D. Appleton -Century Company, and then allowed to languish after the printing sold out. Only seven years later the author died. This work was his magnum opus, the realization and summation of a distinguished career devoted to the practical and scientific exploration of the nature and use of honey bee venom.

It wasn't until 1981, almost forty years later, that a dedicated osteopathic physician, L.A. Doyle, D.O., of Osage, Iowa reissued the original work complete with two introductions; one written by him and the other by Charles Mraz, a longtime student of Doctor Beck who in the early 1930's had been successfully treated by Beck as a patient. This volume, like its antecedents, quickly sold out. So, once again Dr. Beck's book was unavailable. Several years ago I called all over the country, attempting to locate a copy for my personal use. No one who had one would part with it for any amount of money. Many people had even borrowed the book and gone to the expense of photocopying it! I began to realize that it was a highly valued text in the community of apitherapists. Charles Mraz, often regarded as the father of post-Beck apitherapy, wrote in 1981, "This book is still the best text on the subject." Though other books on the subject have since appeared, none of them rivals the present volume for depth and extent of cover-age of the subject. In addition, as shall soon be demonstrated. Dr. Beck has never since been equalled in his mastery of the theoretical and practical aspects of the discipline which he termed for the first time in this volume "apitherapy," the therapeutic use of the venom of the honey bee.



Bible of Bee Venom Therapy - Bodog Beck, MD - book cover